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Ulrich Orth

Ulrich Orth

My research interests are at the intersection of social-personality and developmental psychology. In a first current line of research, I am studying the development of self-esteem across the lifespan. A second current line of research aims at understanding why, how, and when low self-esteem serves as a risk factor for the development of depression. A third current line of research examines whether self-esteem has a significant impact on important life outcomes.

Primary Interests:

  • Close Relationships
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Life Satisfaction, Well-Being
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Research Methods, Assessment
  • Self and Identity

Research Group or Laboratory:

Journal Articles:

Courses Taught:

  • Attachment in Childhood and Adulthood
  • Development of Self-Esteem
  • Moral Psychology
  • Personality Development Across the Life Span
  • Personality Psychology
  • Social Emotions
  • Social Psychology of the Self
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Temperament in Childhood

Ulrich Orth
Department of Psychology
University of Bern
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Bern

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